UNISON’s SGE Elections 2024


Dear LAS UNISON Members,

The ballot for UNISON’s Service Group Elections opens on Monday 22 April.

You will receive an email ballot paper and a postal ballot, use either to decide who will represent your views.

This is your chance to decide who will make decisions on our behalf about what pay, terms and conditions campaigns UNISON runs, as well as what support is giving to branches. The Health Service Group Executive also makes decisions on pay consultations, strike ballots and strike days

Your UNISON branch has nominated:

Chris Akaluka, General Seat

Julie Cunnane, Female Seat

Paula Ward, Low Paid Women’s seat

Our branch nominated Chris, Paula and Julie because they will:

•             focus on winning higher pay for health staff, whether through national pay or local re-banding campaigns

•             campaign to reduce your workload and stress

•             fight privatisation

•             support members to challenge discrimination in the NHS

•             campaign against the erosion of workers’ rights and campaign for a new deal for working people

•             work with all activists to run successful campaigns, always put your views first and won’t be influenced by political factions or outside organisations

Best wishes,

Eddie Brand

LAS UNISON Branch Secretary

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