Small change to navigation structure

Website News

You may have noticed a small change in the navigation menu, if not then press F5 to refresh the page. We are always listening to our members and looking at ways to improve the site. As a result, we have replaced one of the headings in the navigation menu.

The heading entitled Member Benefits has been replaced with the Activist Zone.

You will find all the member benefit links under the old MEMBERS heading along with a few others. We have also added a sub-menu showing benefits exclusive to this branch such as our e-newsletter and our text alert service. The links that were originally under that heading still remain with the exception of a couple that were duplicates.

The activist zone is the place for all stewards and H&S reps with quick links to e-mail login pages and other areas that had been requested such as the policies & procedures page and a direct link to the UNISON activist site.

Hopefully this makes the navigation structure a bit clearer for all our users. As always we appreciate your comments and views on how to make the site better.

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