Re-design for home page of website

Website News

We have re-designed the home page again. Having listened to feedback from the recent change we have replaced and updated various features on the home page.

As a result, we have had to re-design the page in order to accommodate the new elements.

We have brought back the Web Poll – We had a few difficulties with this originally but we have now changed the software and this will now continue as a regular feature of the home page.

The Newsletter and e-mail login sections have now been ‘hidden’ and can be ‘revealed’ with a click of the mouse. This is a useful feature as these features are not used every day by every user and enables us to use the space for other things. We have also been able to expand the number of questions in our newsletter sign up that we were previously unable to do due to space constraints. This will allow us to offer varied and better targeted newsletters and ensure we only send out relevant information.

Journey Planner – We previously had a link to the TfL journey planner site and removed it at the last re-design. We had a lot of requests asking us to bring this back, so we did! Only we have brought it back even better. Instead of a link we now have a search box enabling you to search your journey directly from our site.

News Links – We have added a new news feed direct from the main UNISON site just under our own headlines. We have reduced the size of our ambulance news feed to make it clearer that this is a news feed and not related in any way to whats happening in the LAS as this was causing some confusion with users.
We have also added a twitter feed allowing updates to the web site ‘on the fly’ as they happen. This is on the site initially as a trial which is why it is near the bottom of the page. If it proves popular, it will move nearer to the top of the page.

The whole page has been given a fresh new colour scheme which we hope you like.

The site has been tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome with no untoward problems. The only issue we did find was the newsletter sign up box. This should open downwards which it does in IE while Firefox and Chrome both displayed it to the right which shrinks the other elements. The box still functions though, so this was not seen as a major fault.
If you do discover any problems with the site then please notify as soon as possible with a brief description of the problem along with the browser and operating system you are using.

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