RCN publish guidance for their members

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The RCN has published advice for their members on their website. There is a specific mention of the London Ambulance Service and is copied below:

Advice for London members affected by planned Industrial Action by other health unions

Published: 22 January 2015

On 29 January 2015 a twelve hour strike will be carried out by a number of health unions. The Royal College of Nursing has not balloted for industrial action and RCN members are expected to attend work as usual.

RCN members should continue with their normal duties but should not be expected to take on any additional responsibilities being given to them directly as a result of the industrial action.

RCN members should not be expected to be moved from their normal duties or provide cover for staff taking industrial action or take on overtime or additional shifts to make up for the industrial action of other staff.

  • Cover for other services including the London Ambulance Service:

We are aware that some NHS trusts in London have been asked to provide staff to cover the strike in the London Ambulance Service.

RCN members should have regard to their NMC Code of Conduct and should not take on activities beyond their experience and/or competence.

Instructing someone, for example, to travel in an ambulance to deliver care at a patient’s home/accident site would probably go beyond what you could call a ‘reasonable’ contractual request for a nurse employed generally to work in a hospital, even in A&E.

If you have any concerns about activities you are asked to carry out please contact RCN Direct on 0345 772 6100.

  • Support for Industrial Action undertaken by colleagues:

RCN members are welcome to support colleagues in their action but should do so in your own free time.

The full guidance for RCN members affected by Industrial Action is available here.

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