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We are pleased to be launching a brand new website for the London Ambulance UNISON Branch.

We first launched our website in July 2003 and we were the first union in the LAS to do this. However, over time technology has moved on with lots of members now viewing the website on a tablet or mobile device. So we needed to make our site ‘responsive’ which means it will adapt to whatever device you are viewing the site on.

We have also given the site a fresh new look and updated some of the content that was on the old site, but rest assured that all the content from our old site has been moved over to this one. We have also tried to maintain the previous menu structure as much as possible to assist you.

Social Media

The site links in to our twitter and facebook pages. When we post on the website it automatically tweets this which is then in turn posted to our Facebook page, so whatever you are more comfortable with we are sure you should be able to keep in contact with your branch and what we are doing.

Home Page

The home page features more news stories now with branch published news taking up a prominent space in the middle and our latest tweet separate from our twitter feed. The whole page looks tidier and we will be able to update the site quicker than ever before.

The new site has been published ahead of schedule by nearly 2 months as we had got to a point where we could no longer maintain the old site and we needed to add new content. Over the next few months this new website will develop and grow with lots of new content added. There are still a couple of sections that are not quite ready but we will have this online shortly.

We are really pleased with the look and feel of this new website but we would be grateful for your views and comments.


We have launched the site in BETA mode. What does that mean?

This means the site is ‘almost’ ready to go. We have been working on this website for the last 8 months and undertaken extensive testing. This has involved several redesigns and options taken out and others put back in. The site is now as ready as it could ever be but until you actually test it ‘live’ you don’t always know if something will break or need tweaking. So the site remains in BETA until the official launch date. It won’t make much difference to the way you use the site except you may see something move or removed.

Soon after we launched the site we had to remove the ‘Facebook Slider’ that featured on the top left side of each page as this was interfering with the mobile version of the site. We will explore if there is anyway to return this feature.

We may also need to remove the speech bubbles that appear on some posts as again they are not displaying correctly when viewed on a mobile phone and being viewed on multiple devices was an important part of our redesign.



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