New Format

Website News

Welcome to a new format for the news stories displayed on the LAS UNISON Website.

If you are a regular user of the site, you will have noticed that we have recently been experiencing problems displaying news stories.

This was due to a fault in the software being used to store and display the stories. We have trialled various different systems and felt that the use of B2 blogging software would offer the best solution to feed and display our news stories. This feature also allows us to offer you the chance to comment on some of the stories we feature.

We have moved over as many of the original stories as possible, but unfortunately some stories have been permanently lost while some have not been preserved in their exact format. In some cases this may simply mean they are displaying the wrong publishing date or the picture is no longer associated with the story.

In addition to this we decided to review our live feed of ambulance news stories from around the UK and latest UK and world news. We have now simplified this to a feed of ambulance related news stories only. We considered Google gadgets but decided against it at this time.

This change has also meant that we had to re-design the home page of the site. While doing this we decided to change the entire navigation by replacing the 2 separate navigation structures with one simplified navigation menu.

You also now have the option of subscribing to our news feed which can be displayed directly on your desktop or add it to your google, yahoo or AOL page.

While we have carried out extensive testing including IE6,IE7, Firefox and Google browsers, there will always be systems or scenarios we are unable to emulate. If you do encounter any problems, then please contact us and let us know.

We hope you like these new formats and would welcome your comments and views on this. The comments section is open on this story.

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