LAS UNISON statement on job evaluation

We have been made aware of some misinformation that has been distributed by management regarding the SSM role in the LAS. We understand a manager stated yesterday at the “Building the future of ambulance operations” conference attended by all ops management that the rebanding of the SSM role from band 7 to band 8a has been blocked by the Staff Side. This is categorically not the case. There is a strict process for the rebanding of existing roles according the the NHS Job Evaluation Handbook that ensures fair pay across the NHS. We understand the SSM job description was modified to reflect the current roles and responsibilities, was agreed by both existing post holders and their management, then submitted for evaluation. This is entirely the correct process according to the National NHS Job Evaluation Handbook. The evaluation panel found the job to still score within band 7 and was a significant way from attaining band 8a. Subsequently the management made an attempt to resubmit the role for evaluation but with no additional changes. This was not accepted as there were no changes made so the outcome would remain the same. Additionally we have previously made a joint agreement with management that no roles would be submitted for rebanding more often than 12 months to prevent repeated attempts to manufacture specific bandings rather than correctly describing job roles for fair evaluation and also to prevent the increased workload and backlog this creates for other roles awaiting evaluation. During the initial process of reviewing the job description the Staff Side and elected reps were not involved nor made aware, only at the point the updated job description was evaluated were we made aware of any issues. At this point and continuously since we have offered our support to help members and management achieve the correct pay band for our members however this support has yet to be taken up.
This is not the only issue Staff Side have raised concerning adherence to the national NHS Job Evaluation scheme, others include the rebanding of other management band 8 and above roles to higher bands without applying any Job Evaluation process and the inappropriate withholding of higher band pay for our lowest paid workers in the make ready department.
We are severely disappointed to be informed of the public grandstanding of misinformation by a manager which appears to be an attempt to discredit the Staff Side where in reality management are responsible for failings and unfulfilled promises. We hope this misinformation is cleared up as a matter of urgency by our management but at the time of writing we have yet to receive a public response to a complaint we made to management last night on the matter.
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