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The long awaited report by Lord Hutton on public service pension schemes was published on Thursday March 10th. As expected he is recommending long term

structural reform of the pension schemes that millions of public sector workers depend on.


 The report is 215 pages long with 27 recommendations it will take a little more time to digest all of the key issues. However the government can ignore all it if it wants to. More likely they will cherry pick the changes they want to make.

All of the issues around pensions will be taken forward by Dave Prentis in a series of negotiations with the government that will run up until June. Nothing will change, except pensioners benefit increases, until the negotiations with government have finished.


Download the full text as a PDF



26 March 2011

, thousands of people will join the TUC march in London, to tell the government that savage spending cuts are unnecessary and unfair.We don’t believe the coalition when they say we are all in this together – their public service cuts will hit the most vulnerable the hardest.There is an alternative:

  • Fair taxation
  • Investment in our local communities, health and education
  • A more equal and just society


assemble at Embankment in London – Nearest tube station: Embankment




Rally in Hyde Park in LondonRoute is flat and ok for wheelchairs.

Make sure everyone joins the TUC march to defend public services, jobs and pensions





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