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Members of UNISONs Health Service Group Executive have today rejected a two-year freeze on pay increments, on top of the pay freeze imposed by the Government.  NHS Employers had offered a no compulsory redundancy agreement in return for the freeze.  Members rejected the deal because there was no guarantee that all employers would abide by it.  It would not be binding, but left to individual Trusts to decide whether or not to offer the guarantee. 
 Mike Jackson, Senior National Officer for Health said:
“The Service Group Executive said today that they could not support a further pay freeze for nurses, paramedics and other low paid, mainly women workers.
“The funding gap in the NHS is so great that members were sceptical that Trusts would abide by a no compulsory redundancy agreement for two years.
“Additionally they felt that the offer was divisive because it excluded high level clinicians, such as matrons, senior occupational therapists and midwife supervisors.”

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