Facelift for News Section

Website News

If you are a regular on this site then you can’t help but notice we have totally revamped our news pages.

Back in 2008 we decided to try something new with the way we presented news on our website. This followed several different formats we had used since the site was launched, none of which really delivered what we were looking for. The solution we found was to utilise the power of blogging software and this has been a success allowing us to offer RSS feeds and allow users to comment and interact on stories we publish.

Unfortunately the platform we used has been plagued with issues which have severly hampered our ability to serve news to our users. These have mainly been back-end issues and users would not have experienced any problems with using the news site. In order to solve this issue we have moved our entire news service onto a new platform which we hope will allow us greater flexibility and offer users a better experience. One of the additions you will have noticed is the new Twitter & Facebook icons allowing you to easily tweet or share the news with friends.

While we were able to move over all of the news stories we had published, we do regret that none of the comments were able to be moved over and the comments sections are now closed on these stories. You will still be able to comment on this and every other news story we publish going forward.

We hope you like this new design and would welcome comments below.

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