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UNISON members have a very direct way of getting their message across to politicians – through political lobbying. When you join UNISON you are given the opportunity to opt in to what we call the UNISON Labour Link (formerly known as the Affiliated Political Fund or APF). Your contributions to this fund help to facilitate our lobbying within the Labour Party.

This enables us to promote members’ views and argue for UNISON policies, which will improve working terms and conditions, help protect public services and create a better society. It’s the opposite of a blank cheque for Labour. We keep up the pressure and use our valuable links to get UNISON’s agenda heard.

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Download – Labour link news letter – July 2017

LAS Labour link news


Hello all,

It is entirely possible that there will be another General Election soon, so we need to be ready. Last week the government outlined its priorities for the next two years – it contains little hope for working people and plenty to fear.

The government might be weakened but it stumbles on and all the while our jobs and rights are under threat.

Now is the time to build on the fantastic gains Labour has made and to lay the foundations to win the next general election. The Labour Party will be campaigning across the country against continued Tory cuts to our NHS, schools, police and pay. Cuts the Tories want to continue despite having no majority and no mandate.

This month’s report is all about the Labour Link Forum held in Liverpool.

There was a good attendance from across UNISON’s many Branches.

The following Motions were spoken on by Greater London Labour Link-

Me Speaking at Labour Link Forum Liverpool

The Future of the NHS” – Seconding Composite B #LabLink!7

Jason Anderson Greater London

“Firstly I would like to say Happy 69th Birthday to the NHS – ‘Labour’s Proudest Achievement’.

I am a front-line Paramedic, and like my colleagues around the country continue to provide emergency services while facing dire financial states.

With poor staff retention and working conditions, and still no sign of a fair pay deal.

I and colleagues were on the front line on the days of the attacks in London. Dealing with horrific injuries, in chaotic and horrifying scenes.

We continue to be stuck with an under inflation or zero pay cap, for 7 years in a row.

Recent major events in London and Manchester have highlighted the hypocrisy of the Government. Theresa May, shaking hands with emergency service workers, thanking them for their heroic work, yet at the same time refusing to lift the 1% pay cap and therefore cutting our pay, year in, year out. 

The Government is continuing to push budget cuts in our emergency services, causing cuts to training for staff and cuts in equipment. Causing strain to provide emergency cover when attending Major incidents as well as routine daily operational calls.

As the Motion states we need;

A properly funded, publicly owned NHS, right for purpose, so that myself and colleagues around the country can continue to deliver the services the patients and public deserve. 

Please support this Motion”.

Why we need to build a housing consensus for affordable and decent homes for all – Motion 11 #LabLink

Yvonne Green, Regional convenor & Greater London delegate moving motion 11. Why we need to build a housing consensus for affordable and decent homes for all

“Chair, delegates, the housing crisis is getting worse under this Tory government as the number of social housing shrinks year by year.

While rents and house prices outstrip pay rises also year in, year out.

Forum, the reasons for this are clear and not rocket science.

– If you don’t build enough homes for sale and rent,

– If you cut housing benefits and allowances,

– If you privatise and deregulate environmental protection and security of tenure

– Then this results in a housing crisis.

How many of you here have grown up children living with you, not through choice but because they simply cannot afford to rent or buy a home of their own.

Or how many of you have to commute long distances to work since you have to live in a cheaper area.

As our leader Jeremy Corbyn recently remarked “The system is rigged, with housing treated as an investment for the few, not housing for the many”. He goes on to say “seven years of conservative failure with house building at the lowest level since the 1920s shows that they will never fix the housing crisis which is holding so many people back”

So Forum what is the solution? I am sure that many of you will be astonished to hear that despite my youthful looks, in my own life time Tory and Labour politicians use to compete on how many homes they would build if they were in power.

Forum, we must work to rebuild this consensus. Labour, thankfully, is committed to building really affordable homes for rent and for sale. We need to elect a future labour government not only in order to enable this but teach the Tories a lesson that this is what will happen to them if they do not recognise and ensure that it is the absolute duty of the state to make sure its citizens are adequately and safely housed.

Finally conference, as a London delegate and London Council worker, I would like to pay tribute not only to the emergency services who did so much at Grenfell but also the front line Kensington & Chelsea Council staff, who contrary to some media reports, have worked their socks off for residents during this terrible time. They are not to blame for the failure and negligence of their political masters.

So Forum, please support this motion and please support affordable, decent and SAFE homes for all. Thank you”.

The Future of the NHS – Composite B #LabLink17

Mitsy is a care worker, NHS nurse, and branch, regional and national UNISON activist.

. “Chair, Forum, Mitsy Harmon-Russell, Greater London region, supporting Composite B.

This motion highlights that the “Sustainability and Transformation Plans” (STPs) are being pushed forward within the NHS England as a way of improving services and outcomes.

As stated, any improvements within the NHS are welcome, however STPs, as the motion states, has not been inclusive or transparent.

At our local meeting in East London, a visiting GP reported that this process was being pushed forward without any system being in place for those who are affected to raise objections

The fall out continue to be reported, as early this week, the nursing & midwifery council reported that the strain on the NHS continues to affect its staff.

A comparison of the last 6 months with last year, shows that double the numbers of nurses had left the NHS this year than the whole of last year.

We call on the Labour link to action the points listed in this motion and continue to support us in highlighting issues with STPs, which are not in the best interest of those using and working in the NHS.

Please support this motion.

Angela Rayner MP speaks at UNISON Labour Link Conference 2017

Our first guest speaker was former UNISON activist and now Shadow Secretary for Education, Angela Rayner MP, who gave a relaxed and inspiring speech on her politics, the recent General election campaign and how proud she was to be a UNISON member.

I particularly liked her commitment to the Labour Party being a broad church and that this is a strength. Angie argued for the Party to unite and pull together in order to win.

Angela started out as a home-care worker and was the Unison Rep, just shows how far you can go!

Dave Prentis spoke to the Forum and said the pay cap must be lifted for all public sector workers and not just uniformed services.

He also said we would ballot for action regarding the pay cap but due to changes in the ‘Trade Union Act’ we must get our members to vote to make this possible.


Jason Anderson LAS Labour Link Branch Officer

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