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Promoting UNISON in Labour

UNISON members have a very direct way of getting their message across to politicians – through political lobbying. When you join UNISON you are given the opportunity to opt in to what we call the UNISON Labour Link (formerly known as the Affiliated Political Fund or APF). Your contributions to this fund help to facilitate our lobbying within the Labour Party.

This enables us to promote members’ views and argue for UNISON policies, which will improve working terms and conditions, help protect public services and create a better society. It’s the opposite of a blank cheque for Labour. We keep up the pressure and use our valuable links to get UNISON’s agenda heard.

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UNISON/TUC Lobby Parliament & Pay Rally Tuesday 17 October

“Lobby – the lobby of Parliament will take place from 2-6pm on Tuesday 17 October

Conservative MPs in England have been identified by the national TUC to target – based on the size of their majorities and/or supportive comments about public sector pay are as follows for the Greater London Region:

  • Zac Goldsmith – Richmond Park
  • Theresa Villiers – Chipping Barnet
  • Matthew Offord – Hendon
  • Justine Greening – Putney
  • Mike Freer – Finchley and Golders Green
  • Bob Blackman – Harrow East
  • Iain Duncan Smith – Chingford and Woodford Green

Members and branches in these constituencies should make arrangements to lobby these MPs, using the letter template below should they wish.

Branches should lobby their local MP at Westminster but priority should be given to the target list above.

More information about the lobbying process on the day will be issued shortly and there will be further information publicity through Activist, UNISON’s website and branch circulars.

Rally in Parliament Square – This will take place in Parliament Square after the lobby of Parliament. The TUC have asked people to assemble from 6.30 with the rally taking place from 7-8pm.

Please advertise this event to your colleagues to ensure as high a turnout as possible. This is the best way to keep up the pressure on government. Dave Prentis is speaking at the rally.

SERTUC have organised a short march that starts at 5.30pm at Downing Street and joins the rally at Parliament Square.

Petition – We have over 77,000 signatures on the Pay Up Now parliamentary petition but please continue to promote this members and the public signing the parliamentary petition as we need to hit the 100,000 target for it to be considered for debate in Parliament:



House of Commons

London SW1A 0AA

Dear <insert name of MP>,


Public Sector Pay Cap

I am writing to you to request you meet with me on Tuesday 17 October between 2-4pm.  The Trade Union Congress is organising a lobby of MPs to discuss the Public Sector Pay Cap and I would like to meet with you, as my MP, to raise my concerns.

I am a Public Service worker, working as <insert job title> at <insert work place> I work in public services. I’m also a member of UNISON and I am deeply concerned about the impact of the Public Sector Pay Cap.

As you will know, public servants have been subject to a strict pay cap for the past seven years.  This has, in turn, meant that public sector wages have fallen significantly in real terms since 2010.

Whilst the cost of living rose by 22% between 2010 and 2016, public sector pay rose by just 4.4% on average. These real terms pay cuts have come alongside significant job losses which have placed further stress and work upon the wider workforce. <insert your own examples/experiences here>

At the same time, the pay cap has also had a significant impact on recruitment and retention in many sectors, exacerbating the impact of job losses and putting further pressure on local services.

I know that there are many MPs from all parties who share my concerns about the ongoing squeeze on the public sector and on pay in particular. The time has come for politicians from all parties to come together in the national interest and end the pay cap once and for all.

There is still time for the Government to abolish the Public Sector Pay Cap and to act in the interests of the thousands of your constituents who are trade union members – and ultimately the interests of all workers, whether they are in a union or not.

With your support, we can end the pay cap and give a well-earned pay rise to those who work so hard for our communities.

I hope that I can meet with you in person on Tuesday 17 October to talk further about my concerns.  If you are unavailable at this date/time, can you let me know an alternative time when I can meet you at your constituency office or surgery?

Yours sincerely,




Phone number:

OPINION: Fighting against destructive Brexit plan

“It’s been another terrible month for Theresa May’s dreadful and discordant government. They seem continually to be fighting amongst themselves and living in a Brexit fantasy. Surely, hardly anyone still thinks them capable of delivering a Brexit that works for the majority of people in this country.

Trade Secretary Liam Fox used to say he thought our exit deal would be, “one of the easiest in human history;” and Theresa May still thinks we can crash out of the EU without a deal, cutting off trade and business links and causing a disaster for our economy.

Their miscalculations make our government an international laughing stock.

Labour’s position remains clear: we’ll stay in the single market, at least for a transition period, to make sure our jobs, rights at work and living conditions aren’t undermined by Brexit.

Rather than trying to avert looming economic disaster, Theresa May has used the Parliamentary time since June to grab every shred of power she can, despite not winning a working majority in the election.

The new Bill she’s come up with takes many of the powers currently controlled by Brussels and give them straight to Tory ministers, rather than handing them to the people, through Parliament. It’s less “take back control:” more “give control to us.”

High rents, rising living costs and a lack of good jobs are already making life increasingly hard for the people of Newham. I’m fighting in Parliament to stop the Tories making things worse, with their destructive vision for Brexit”.

West Ham MP Lyn Brown in this week’s “Newham Recorder”

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour conference speech – watch live

A great and defining speech. Finally, a proper left response to the financial crash of 2008.

Jeremy Corbyn “gave people hope” with his barnstorming speech at the Labour Party conference, his MPs said.

The leader spoke to a packed conference hall in Brighton and pledged to end “forced gentrification”, the gender pay gap and wealth inequality if Labour won the next general election.

Jason Anderson LAS Labour Link Branch Officer

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