Privacy Policy

The London Ambulance Service UNISON Branch is committed to respecting the privacy of its members and the privacy of users of this web site. To this end, the following policy has been established:

Please be assured that when you submit any details to us through this site such as your name and e-mail address, the information will be held in the strictest confidence. If your query needs to be answered by a particular branch officer such as a membership enquiry then your details will be passed to that branch officer who will then respond directly to you. If the enquiry concerns contacting a local rep, then your details will be forwarded to a local rep who will respond to you directly. These details will only be stored for as long as is necessary to answer your enquiry and will then be deleted. By submitting your name and e-mail address to us through the use of an online form or by direct e-mail to us you will not be subscribed to our mailing list and you will not be added to any other database. The exception to this is if you submit an online form or e-mail informing us of a change of details regarding your membership when we would have to amend our membership database and input your new details. You will not be subscribed to our e-mail mailing list and the only way to be on our list is for you to subscribe. Please note that this privacy policy is intended to apply solely to the use of and retention of information received through the web site and no other. New members are automatically subscribed to our e-mail newsletter and text alert service if they have supplied these details.

Mailing List

This web site operates a subscriber list to our newsletter which has a double opt in method. This means that when an address is submitted, a confirmation e-mail is sent which must be responded to before the address can be added to our database. Each mailing has an un-subscribe option at the bottom of the e-mail. As well as the newsletter, we will also send you important news and updates as and when we think it appropriate. We will not sell, rent, pass on or distribute your e-mail address to any other body including UNISON head office and will only be used by the Las Branch. You will not receive so called ‘spam’ mail from us. The mobile phone number is optional and is only for subscribing you to our text alert service. You will not receive telephone calls from us in relation to you submitting your number and it will only be stored for use with the text alert service. At present our newsletter list is managed by ‘Your Mailing List Provider‘ and you should also consult their privacy policy.

UNISON E-Mail Addresses

If you are a UNISON representative and have been issued with an e-mail address then the above also applies. Your address will be stored by the webmaster and you may receive mailings from the webmaster, but only in connection with UNISON, the web site, occasional warnings such as virus attacks or in connection with your specific account. Your address will be displayed on the web site for members to contact you. If at any time you feel your account has been compromised we can change it or delete it for you. In 2004 we stopped issuing .com e-mail accounts to stewards and these are reserved for the exclusive use of branch officials and for the web site. Stewards and activists are encouraged to sign up for our new .net e-mail service which can be self managed.

LasUnison.Net Accounts
These e-mail accounts are provided for us by Everyone.Net and are subject to a separate Privacy Policy.
If you sign up for one of these free accounts then you are agreeing that the branch may contact you on that address and can send you newsletters, news updates, benefits and other information that we think you may find of use as a UNISON member. We will not sell, rent, pass on or distribute your e-mail address to any other body including UNISON head office and will only be used by the Las Branch. You will not receive so called ‘spam’ mail from us. However, please be aware that the hosting company Everyone.Net also has your details and you should read their policy. If you are a steward, health & safety rep, lifelong learning rep, branch official or any other UNISON activist then we reserve the right to publish this e-mail address on our web site at If you are not an activist and simply a UNISON member then we will not publish your e-mail address on our web site without your permission.

LasUnison.Com & .Biz Accounts
These advanced e-mail accounts are issued to branch officers on request. They are operated by Google and you should read their Privacy Policy.

Prize Draw
From time to time the website operates a prize draw for various different reasons. If you are one of our prize draw winners then by accepting the prize you agree to us publishing your name on our list of winners page and in any other publications that we may send out from time to time.
If after your name has been published you have good reason for having your name removed then please notify us in writing.

Text Alert
In 2006 we launched an SMS text message alert service enabling us to send news and updates direct to your mobile phone. Please be assured that we will not sell, rent, pass on or distribute your mobile phone number to any other person, organisation or entity including UNISON head office. Your number is stored on the text alert database only (unless you have subscribed via the newsletter subscription on the website) and will be used for that purpose only which is to send you news, information and views that the branch feels you would find of interest. You are able to remove your number at any time by simply sending an e-mail to the with your name, mobile number and membership number. Text alert is only available for current members of the LAS Branch. Our text service is managed by and you should visit their site for further information.

Due to the introduction of the new EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive) The law which applies to how you use cookies and similar technologies for storing information on a user’s equipment such as their computer or mobile device changed on 26 May 2011. We have set up a new cookies information page with information on how and why we use cookies on our websites.

We take your privacy extremely seriously and if you feel we have breached this policy in any way then please do not hesitate to contact us at with details.
Last revised – July 2013 (minor alterations/link updates June 2016)

For further information on our use of data or for any further information please send an e-mail to the

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