Linc Peer Support

LINC (Listening, Informal, Non-judgemental, Confidential) is a voluntary network, available to all, which provides trained members of staff who listen to and support colleagues.

About LINC
Staff from all areas and levels have been trained and are now practising as LINC workers. The selection and training process is thorough, so every LINC worker has demonstrated a high level of dedication. There are now about 100 LINC workers.

LINC workers are not trained counsellors and do not aim to ‘solve’ all situations. They are there to listen, support and if necessary advise on other relevant sources of help. Anything of concern may be raised, whether work related or to do with your life. They are people who care.

The aim of LINC is to promote psychological and emotional well-being of staff. The network is there to support any member of staff. This is regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, disability, religion or belief, culture, sexual orientation or any other protected characteristic role within the Service, or rank. LINC provides a 24-hour confidential listening service.

How to contact a LINC Worker

Accessing a LINC Worker is done confidentially by making contact in person or on the phone. You do not have to access the nearest LINC Worker to you. There is a choice, and accessing them can be done in several ways.

Below is a list of all available LINC Workers across the Service, their contact numbers and where they are based. Alternatively a LINC poster should be displayed on each station highlighting your local LINC Workers and their contact numbers. You can also ask your local management team or Resources who can also provide this information.

In contacting a LINC Worker, please be aware that they are usually only available during their duty times. Please consider contacting another LINC Worker if your preferred contact is off sick or on annual leave.

In case of emergency there is a 24 hour on call line that is operated by our Senior LINC Workers. The emergency on-call number is: 0207 922 7539

For all non-emergencies please contact your local LINC Worker. For any other matters or if you require information about LINC, please contact the LINC Manager.

LINC Worker list

Click here to see a list of Linc workers and contact details (note that you must be logged into the pulse to view this link)

What is Linc

LINC is the Peer Support Network that is available to all colleagues of the London Ambulance Service. The LAS endorses the definition of Wellbeing as:  ‘A state of emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual Wellbeing that enables people to reach and maintain their personal and professional potential in their organisation and in their communities’ and LINC is a vital  element and component in achieving this goal.

From time to time we may experience difficult situations  in our personal or professional lives. Most of the time we can cope, however, sometimes the smallest of things can build up over time, or we may be overwhelmed by one particularly distressing event.

Often what is going on at home can make it difficult to cope with work, while on other occasions work problems can affect our home life.  Many people find that it helps to talk about issues with colleagues who understand and will not judge.  This is where the role of LINC Workers plays a vital part in our wellbeing. They will listen and respect your right to talk confidentially. The only circumstance where confidentiality might be breached is where there is a risk of self-harm, harm to others, harm to the organisation or where there is a legal reason for disclosure.

Who are LINC Workers?

LINC Workers are your colleagues. They are not from outside the Service, not someone in a call-centre but are people who work alongside you and understand the roles that we have and the unique nature of what we do. Colleagues who undertake their role as a LINC Worker do so on a voluntary basis. After passing their interview they are selected to undertake specialist training in listening and counselling skills, bereavement, stress, burnout and PTSD. This training is over a four day period and is carried out on a part residential basis.  LINC Workers are robustly trained to refer staff to our bespoke Counselling Service as well as referring to other support services available. 

LINC Workers come from a diverse range of job roles throughout the Service. This helps to ensure that all members of staff accessing LINC have a healthy balance of choice and accessibility available to them.

LINC Workers are often the first line of contact for colleagues when they need support and, more importantly, when colleagues need an understanding ear.


Senior LINC Workers

Currently we have nine Senior LINC Workers (SLW’s) in the LINC Network from a diverse range of roles within the service and carry out their SLW duties on a purely voluntary role. Our SLW’s have all received additional training in Counselling skills, Confidentiality and Ethics, Stress, Resilience, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Post Traumatic Growth, Suicide, Bereavement and Supporting people in grief. All our SLW’s have all had a long involvement within the LINC network and work closely with and support the LINC Manager. They assist in the recruitment and training of new LINC Workers and help mentor any recently qualified LINC Workers and offer support and guidance when required.

They have clear pathways for any referrals to other professional bodies such as our bespoke counselling service, Domestic violence, Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) and Alcohol and Substance Abuse amongst many others.
SLW’s, staff the dedicated 24 hour emergency on call line. This service is available 24 hours a day throughout the year for all staff. Each SLW takes the on call rota for 2 weeks at a time and is for the support of staff who may be struggling emotionally and  wish to speak with someone to gain support, advice and assistance when they are struggling to cope. For non-emergencies staff, are encouraged to contact their local LINC Worker and for any LINC related information contact the LINC Manager.


LINC Emergency On-call: 020 7922 7539

Paul Chiddington (LINC Manager)
Tel: 020 7783 2058
Mob: 07795 506 713

Please note: LAS UNISON supports the Linc peer support scheme and is sponsoring it by listing information about it on our website. There is no other affiliation between UNISON & Linc and any that may occur is purely coincidental. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of this page and any links and pages from it.

*Information correct May 2016