The London Ambulance Service UNISON Branch operates a double opt in newsletter subscriber mailing list. We send out regular newsletters and updates such as the new pay rates each year and other information we feel may be of benefit to you. There is no defined pattern. We may not send anything for a month but then we may send twice in a week. The idea is to send you an e-mail when we have something to say rather than bombard you with rubbish every week. You have the option to unsubscribe any time by using the same sign up method or by following the link at the bottom of each e-mail we send.

We have been operating our mailing list since 2003, but recently we have expanded our sign up form to gather more information. The idea of this is to understand what type of information you want us to send you. For now we have just included an ‘Activist’ section which means station reps, but we may expand this further in the future.

You can now add your mobile number and we will also add you to our SMS messaging service to keep you informed.We have recently been certified as a ‘Spam Free’ Site. Click on the banner below for more information on what this means.

We have included some frequently asked questions below but if you still have questions or suggestions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can use our contact us form by clicking here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you want my Name & Mobile No?
This is a new feature now available that enables us to offer you text alerts direct to your mobile to update you on the latest developments or to notify you of important changes to the website. This is a valuable addition but due to the cost we can only offer it to our members which is why we require your name for confirmation.

Can I just sign up for the newsletter? What if I don’t have a Mobile?
YES! of course you can, entering a mobile number and name is not a requirement. If you just want to subscribe to our e-mail mailing list then just type your e-mail and leave the other 2 boxes empty and press submit. The text alert service is a valuable additional communication tool though and we would encourage you to take advantage of it. You can sign up to this at a later date if you wish direct from your mobile. Click here for details.

Why Sign Up to the Newsletter?
To receive the latest news and updates from the Las UNISON Branch. Be the first to know about important Pay updates, Health & Safety Issues, Negotiations and much more.
Can I un-subscribe?
Yes, You may leave the list at any time by typing your e-mail above and clicking the radio button marked unsubscribe and pressing submit.

How many e-mails will I receive?
There is no fixed amount or regular mailing at present, However we hope to start publishing a newsletter every quarter which will be sent to you by e-mail, plus we will send you mail when we have important news for you such as updates on Agenda for Change.

Will my e-mail address / mobile number be sold?
NO, Your address and mobile number will remain private and for the sole use of the Branch. No other body (including the LAS) will have any access to our subscriber list and we will not allow any other persons to send e-mail to our list.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?
YES! You can view it here

Can I unsubscribe from the text mesaging as well as the e-mail?
YES! – Just text UNISON STOP to 07717 990 000 and you will be automatically removed.

Why is there a different e-mail sign up box on the side of this page?
This is a new feature that we launched with the new website and is separate from the newsletter. The newsletter is a specific mailing we will send you on a particular topic or topics. If you subscribe to the site then you will receive automatic notifications when we make a post or change to the website. You can login and control the frequency of these alerts but it is important to understand the two are very different.

Any other questions?
Send an e-mail to the webmaster or fill out the form on the contact us page.